Why The Philippines

tonnes of plastic waste is produced annually by the Philippines

and 20% of that – or half a million tonnes – of that leaks into the oceans!

#3 Biggest Polluter

The Philippines is the world's third largest ocean polluter!

Single-use Plastic

most of it is made up of plastic and aluminium laminated sachets.

Did you know, before such sachets were introduced, Filipinos followed what is known as a “tingi” culture where shoppers took their own reusable containers to their neighbourhood sari-sari convenience store and they would refill only what they needed!

There is already a huge effort going on in the country to bring awareness to these facts and many are doing what they can to undo the damage, protect and preserve the environment.

One of our founders Geneva was born in the Philippines and that is where the link between the UK and her motherland was made. One of the driving forces behind Outcome Zero is to give back to the community and to help be part of the solution that will put an end to this single-use culture and bring back the low impact habits of the past! 

Our products are ethically and locally sourced from the Philippines and many of our ingredients are too! 

There is an abundance of indigenous, raw materials that have incredible benefits and we want the world to know about and benefit from them too!

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”

—Leo Tolstoy

Join us in the battle for Zero Waste...

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