Handmade Drawstring Bag

Draw String Bag 2

It’s time to put an end to disposable plastic straws! We know how difficult it can be when you are traveling or out and about if you aren’t prepared, which is why we have this beautifully crafted handmade drawstring pouch so you can travel with your reusable straws and make a difference to the worlds plastic pollution!

Purchasing any of our products directly helps initiatives and charities* and is a vote for sustainable materials, supporting an eco-friendly alternative. Outcome Zero are heavily focused on conservation of all life; marine, land and of the environment.  We focus on ethical products that have minimal impact on the environment and that are also good for us. 

  • Fits 2x straws (both sizes) and cleaner with room for more
  • Handmade by local artists in Palawan, Philippines
  • Ethically and locally sourced
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Can be washed by hand or I the washing machine

Length: 25.4 cm / 10″

Fits: Both straws and cleaner


Manufactured in: Palawan, Philippines

Manufacturing Process:

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