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Going Zero Waste Can Save You Money!

In this post we want to show you how you can save money with 6 simple changes!


It’s Monday again and we have decided to provide another post to help inspire you and others to stay motivated when it comes to reducing our impact and reassuring everyone that it’s not about being perfect, it’s just about doing your best!

We know that it can be super daunting and the idea of just going cold turkey on plastic and other forms of waste sounds like an impossible task! But fear not, dear eco-conscious reader, because we have some advice that will put some things into perspective and hopefully inspire you to do your best when it comes to starting a low impact lifestyle.

Since we started our journey into a low impact / zero waste lifestyle, we discovered that our awareness shifted. We began to think about our purchases, what impact they were making on all things and drawing our attention to more eco-friendly alternatives. Along with this, we also realised that our life was being transformed before our very eyes!

The choices we were making were affecting our health in positive ways too – we will feature this in another post! – and suddenly our monthly outlay began to reduce and we found that we were spending less. A lot less!

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So if going zero waste can save you money, why aren’t more people doing it?

Convenience perhaps, or a lack of awareness maybe. Either way, we are here to shine a light on this and show you that by making a few adjustments to your daily habits, big or small, can not only contribute to the health of our planet but will also help you to save a few pennies!

Some people may live under the preconception that to live a low impact / zero waste lifestyle one must spend money or have enough money to do so. But in fact, it costs absolutely NOTHING to change these habits.Β 


At first, you must make a small investment for these reusable objects but these are a one time purchase that will in the long run help save you money and the world! –Β Now that is something to get on board with.Β –

  • Water Bottles: Reusable bottles have been around for some time, but imagine how much money you could save if you stopped buying single-use bottles here and there and committed to carrying one around with you everywhere?
  • Lunch Boxes: For our reusable lunch box we use our tiffin carries that were bought in India. We featured a post on our Instagram. Check it out! Everyone knows that packing your own lunch saves you money. These little stainless steel bowls are perfect for sharing or for one person who likes to separate their food properly. These guys have saved us from plastic use on several occasions! If you have leftovers when you eat out you can put it into your tiffin box and finish it off later! If there is street food that you would like to try, you can avoid those nasty single-use disposables by using your lunch box! Great huh?Β 

  • Cutlery & Straws: Avoid single use plastic cutlery and straws and have a spork or set handy will save a ton of wasted plastic. Bamboo is our choice and you will be seeing our home grown sets up very soon.

  • Feminine Hygiene: There are two forms of reusable menstrual methods mentioned here and girls, trust us you will never look back:!
    • Moon Cup: This amazing silicone cup is compact and comes in a gorgeous little bag so you can pop her discretely in your handbag for whenever you need it! They can be reused for years with proper care saving you a heck load of money and it does not cost the environment with those filthy pads and tampons! When inserted correctly they go completely unnoticed! The cup can stay inserted between 6-12 hours depending on flow.Β 
    • Cloth Pad: For those of you who may find the Moon Cup just a bit too icky and invasive, you also have the reusable cloth pad. These are not new in fact. Our grandmothers had their very own versions of the cloth pads and they seemed to do just fine! There’s plenty of sellers online or you can follow a tutorial to make your own. To take care of them is easy, simply rinse prior to washing and avoid chemical detergents. Seriously you’ll wonder why you ever wasted all that money on disposables!
  • Paper Towels: No More! Forget about paper towels. They are an unnecessary waste of money. You can reuse your dishcloths and towels to wipe down any mess and just wash it! – Who would have thought ey? πŸ˜‰ You can make your own out of old t-shirts or other items and stick them in your drawer for when they are needed. Now you can remove that from your shopping list and say bye-bye to that unnecessary expense!

  • Cotton Pads: There are a lot of ladies out there who like to use cotton pads to remove eye make- up or toner their skin during their beauty regime. Now, you can pamper yourself and sleep at night knowing that you are helping to protect The Earth with reusable pads. You can buy them online or make your own or, you can use a dark coloured flannel to remove your make-up and it still does the job! Sorted.

These are some of the ways that by going zero waste will save you money! And in our later posts we will give you even more insight into the benefits of living a low impact lifestyle!Β 

If you are new to Zero Waste and would like some ideas on where to get started then check out our blog post about Quitting Plastic!

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