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Eco Hero Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc.

This week’s Eco Hero Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc. is a local Philippine company doing some incredible things with all kinds of plastic waste in the country!


We got in touch with Winchester Lemen, the CEO and President of the company Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc. and got all the amazing info to share with you.

The company has been running for 9 years, starting their heroic efforts back in 2010. These last 3 years they partnered with companies and enterprises who are also advocates of climate justice and are providing excellent was to create products and energy out of bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste!

They take any kind of plastic waste and turn it into attractive and fun pieces of furniture that can be used in public spaces like company receptions, waiting rooms, schools, resorts, walk-ins etc. They even make biofuel and electricity – Now if that isn’t something to be impressed by we don’t know what is!

Look at these amazing pieces they’ve created in eye-catching, bright pops of colour! We love them!


They have worked really hard over the last 9 years creating innovative ways to reduce waste in the country and have received numerous awards including: Tagum City Certificate, SurigaoDel Sur Certificate, Philippine Recyclers Association, Philippine Plastics Industry Association and National Solid Waste Commission.

Even President Rodrigo Duterte approves! Mr President and the CEO of Envirotech Waste Recycling Inc.

If you would like to actively take part in turning plastic waste into beautiful pieces of furniture, get in touch via their Facebook Page. Leave your details and they will get in touch.

You can also check out their website:

We are ending our post today with an inspirational quote by the company CEO and hope it inspires you!

“Be part of the solution and not the problem, We ReUse Your Refuse

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