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Quitting Plastic – Not so easy right?

Lauren Singer aka @trashisfortossers on Instagram talks about how she lives a Zero Waste lifestyle.


Lauren Singer is one of the leading advocates for Zero Waste and, quitting plastic for good.

. She is an Environmental Studies graduate from NYU and former Sustainability Manager at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. She is also the founder of an organic cleaning company called The Simply Co.

The amount of trash that she had produced in three years could fit inside a mason jar!

In the video below she talks about how she lives a Low Impact/Zero Waste lifestyle. And we share with you 4 tips to help you transition on your journey!


4 Tips For Transitioning Into “Zero Waste”


  1. Refuse to buy packaged goods: This is probably the hardest of all the steps and will require a lot of effort to achieve but do not feel overwhelmed, every effort made should be acknowledged so well done for doing your best! Find a health food store or “bulk buy’ shop where you can bring boxes, jars and bags that you can fill and reduce the amount of non recyclable waste that you make. Shop for fruits and vegetables at your local farmers market.
  2. Make your own products: As you start to run out of your cosmetic and household products, you can actually make your own! Things like shampoo or even cleaning products can be made using a few simple ingredients. Of course, if you don;t have the time to make your own or you just aren’t they type to get stuck into DIY then you can always buy these products from Low Impact/Zero Waste companies so you have minimal, recyclable or no packaging at all!
  3. Buying second hand: This applies to everything not just clothing! If you buy second hand you are not putting things that are still useful into landfill for no reason! If you have things that you are unable to sell because they are completely broken you can always look into selling it for parts or trying to find another use for it!
  4. Minimize: Decluttering can be overwhelming but when you get rid of things that do not serve you and just buy what you need you will stop impulse buying and producing unnecessary waste.


Pros & Cons of going Zero Waste


There are pros and cons to everything right? But when the pros outweigh the cons you know that you are making a good choice! Here are some of the pros you will find when applying the 4 tips above into your life.

  • When you cannot buy packaged goods you naturally cut out processed foods and eat fresh and healthier options. Over time, because your diet has changed your body will benefit. A diet consisting of fresh, natural and unprocessed foods means that your body will feel better and healthier! When you feel healthier, you feel happier!
  • If you make your own products of buy from all natural and low impact companies you can be assured that there are no nasties in the products. You know exactly what is going in or on your body and you.
  • If you thrift and buy second hand you will not put money into the fast fashion industry, you can get perfectly good items for cheaper because it is pre-owned.  
  • On every step above you save money! And who doesn’t like to do that?!

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed!

We know how hard it is to change habits of a lifetime, but do not give up!

Even if you are just making baby steps, you are still making progress so don’t ever feel hopeless. Every effort you make is a huge triumph and you must acknowledge that!

We hope that you benefit from these tips and if you have any of your own please share them below so others can try too!

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The Outcome Zero Team ♻🌏🌱 

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