A Casual Introduction

Welcome to our first blog post!

Thank you for joining us and taking interest in our cause. This first post really is just an introduction, our history and how it came about that we chose this venture.

If you received our initial introduction email then you would already have an idea of who we are and what we stand for. – Outcome Zero was born from a burning desire to help reduce the impact that we are causing on the Earth. We are a married couple from Brighton in the United Kingdom and we too are on a journey to Zero Waste!

We have since partnered with a manufacturer all the way in the Philippines. The reason why we chose the Philippines was because one of the founders was blessed to have been born there! And for that very reason we are so passionate about starting something that will give back to the community. We want to join forces with incredible companies already making great things happen, source our ingredients and to do charitable work.

There is a huge shift in mentality happening across the globe. Many of us care greatly about the environment and other creatures of the planet and have made lifestyle changes such as Veganism and sustainable, eco-friendly ways of living to help pave the way to a conscious future for the generations to come. As we made these adjustments ourselves we discovered a lot about waste, that much of what we consume does not really go anywhere, it just gets dumped, hidden and remains there for several hundreds of years which is making our planet and all the eco-systems that surround it suffer. We found that there are alternatives that can be made to help reduce this waste and start to repair the damage that has been done. Products that are kind in every way, to the planet, to other beings and of course to our very selves as well! There are so many products out there that cause unnecessary waste. Toothpaste tubes is one of those that we find so frustrating, along with many other cosmetic and household products.

We have set it as our goal to develop a zero waste system for all of these products, starting with a zero waste toothpaste. We are aware that there are many brands of toothpaste out there already doing fantastic things, daring to try new concepts and ingredients to help produce less impact on The Earth but from our recent research and surveys that some of you completed for us, it was clear that many of you shared our sentiments and had not yet found the perfect alternative to our mainstream toothpastes out there. Either it didn’t give that squeaky clean feel, was too far away from what we know as toothpaste or left a nasty taste in our mouths!

With all of that feedback in mind, we have been researching, with our new partners in the Philippines who have already sourced our ingredients and are currently product testing!

We are so excited to keep you all in the loop and show you how the sprout grows from the seed that we have been nurturing lovingly with The Earth in mind.

You can keep up with us here on our blog by signing up to our mail list, on our facebook page and instagram for stories, and photo updates of our whereabouts and upcoming announcements.

Until our next post,

Peace and Love.

Team Outcome Zero


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